Cisco and H.265 demonstrated at Collaboration Partner Summit


I felt whilst the demo was good, in that it shows Cisco leading in this space, the actual demo kinda missed the point of H.265, at least in the first couple of years of its life.  Whilst H.265 will give you the same quality as H.264 at half the bandwidth, that will only really become relevant as general purpose computing hardware becomes capable of processing it.

It took around 4 years for general purpose hardware to start processing H.264 HD video after H.264 was ratified.  Even today, most vendor implementations of H.264 require a quad core processor, with Cisco using dual core.  So when we finally see the new standard, I don’t think its reasonable to expect general purpose hardware to be touching H.265 for at least a couple of years.  The point about bandwidth saving it its only really relevant to mass deployment of video, although it could be argued that it also reduces the risk of congestion when making calls via the internet.

Where H.265 will make an impact is in the new applications it will enable in the meeting room.  4K and 8K video will provide new experiences and new capabilities, and it is here that I expect Cisco to market this new capability when we finally see something from them.

Cisco wouldn’t be drawn on the question of what hardware the demo was running on, but I really wouldn’t expect it to be on the C-series.


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